What information is interesting for ECO-SO-LO? What information should I contribute?

We are collecting positive examples: Brands, products and services which represent the positive aspects of ECO-SO-LO.

We do not support the marketing of addresses which sell Ecological products just for green-washing purposes and we also don’t want to collect negative examples, which are neither ecological, social nor locale.

We are searching for products, brands, shops, etc. which are positive examples for all areas of life – therefore we created 10 main categories to help everybody gain a good overview of all information.

How can I contribute a product or service? How does it work?

To provide a new product/service: Please complete a form for the product/service (including internet-link). It is also recommended to complete an additional form for the shop(s) where you can purchase this product/service (including the internet-link of the shop, if available).

Explanation of the traffic light logic in ECO-SO-LO. How does the evaluation work in the ECO-SO-LO web-site?

If you start a new form you must complete an evaluation (like a travel light) for the three criteria: ECO (= ecological/organic), SO (= social) and LO (= local) or not relevant. For each of the three criteria you may choose from “red” (criteria not at all fulfilled) to “dark green” (criteria fully fulfilled).

If you search for a product or service: the first circle shows the evaluation of the criteria “ECO”, the second for “SO” and the third for “LO”.

(One remark: especially for the LOCAL criteria “LO”, the colour rating is not absolute as the evaluation will be influenced by the product and of course where you live…what’s local for one person may not be for another!)

Who can participate and add products and services?

Everyone can participate!

We are happy about every entry!

We hope that many people give us their support to spread their ideas and the information!


Why 3 languages?

We believe ECO-SO-LO has to be international!

The website is for all people living in other countries (as well as tourists!). As long as it makes sense, please share addresses which you find during your holidays with ECO-SO-LO.

If you feel an address is not only relevant in one country, it would be great if you could add the address in more than one language. If you are able to do this, please make sure to add the address by completing a separate form for each language.

Searching: I wish to search for a specific product or service or I just want to browse the ECO-SO-LO Web-Site.

You can search for every term which is part of the description (city, product, labels, brands…)

Therefore, when creating a new form it is very important to make sure that all relevant information is included in the description so that others may find in when they search.

Responsibility for the entries

Everybody is responsible for their own entries. However, in the case of illegal or criminal entries, we reserve the right to reject or to delete entries.

Getting in contact

We are always happy about feedback concerning quality of information or general feedback. Our e-mail-address is eco-so-lo@info.de


This website is privately financed and we cannot accept advertising revenue. However, private support is always welcome. J Please contact us.