Changing the world by changing our way of consumption?

Some years ago I started to change my way of consuming – in the meantime that became my philosophy and it makes really fun!

Consuming less by consuming targeted is not abstinence, but increases in contrast my quality of live!

It’s really astonishing how many alternatives we have to consume alternative products in all areas of life

  • I’m buying things just if I need them and not because of a special offer (my wardrobe cut in half since that time)
  • In many cases I started to buy used products and reduced by doing that my personal (carbon) footprint (by the way: in many cases I save money)
  • because I don’t want other people around the world to suffer under my consumption, I try to buy fair-trade products (and enjoy the real value of things with best knowledge)
  • as far as possible I’m consuming local products and services and have more direct contacts all around (that means for example for food to eat more seasonal food with “old” vegetables and “new” receipts)

As a conclusion that means to consume as far as possible with regard to the ECO-SO-LO-Criteria: ecological – social – local

I would like to share these principles with you!

With this ECO-SO-LO Website there’s now a platform

  • to consume in a different way
  • to increase doing things ourselves and to borrow and lend things
  • and to buy used products

Here you can offer all contacts which fit to these principles and help changing our volume and way of consuming

and by the way save the world 🙂

About me:


Roland Stiegler, born in 1960

Married since more than 30 years (and happy about!)

2 adult daughters – both also strongly interested in politics