Often at first in the Office you start with drinking a coffee…

In our Office there a seven different coffee machines, all using Aluminium coffee caps. Wether milk nor sugar are organic and fair-trade

 In the Cafeteria there are machines where you pay for every single cup, but they changed from “normal” Cups to disposable Cups…

I’ve found an alternative for me: a coffee maker from Bodum (https://www.bodum.com/gb/en/coffee/coffee-makers): put your (organic and fairtrade) coffee in, wait some minutes, press the coffee down: ready!). Than you also can bring your organic milk and also a organic and fairtrade sugar and by the way you can reduce waste and save money.  I’m sure you know some other alternatives – please share with us on this web-page.

If you prefer coffee  caps I can recommend BEANARELLA (http://www.beanarella.de/en/informationen/kapsel.html): They sell organic and fair-trade coffee in caps which are compostable

How do you prepare your coffee? Please tell us about your experiences


ECO-SO-LO: organic – social – local

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